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If I am the only who who exists...

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why do I imagine so many people suffering? Why can't I create a 'perfect' world. If this is the heaven I have created for myself, I do not want to envision hell.

If I am the only who who exists...

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Martin Harper

Maybe seeing other people suffering makes you feel relatively happy.

If I am the only who who exists...

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Lucinda (et al),

I would certainly hope not. I have 25 years as a childcare provider and have worked as a child advocate. I have seen both physical and psychological abuse. I have seen children with cigarette burns over the trunk of their body (parents were 'smart' enough not to let it casually show), a 2 year old left 'home alone' for 2 weeks, uncountable negligate, one 5 year old who was never taken anywhere because his parents only wanted girls..his sisters were taken everywhere. He was contantly told he was unwanted and then they couldn't understand why he was a behaviour problem!*!*! I could go on and on but it is TOO depressing. I have yet to figure out what is worse, the physical or the psychological. It is bad enough that abuse happens to adults, but to children? sigh

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