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Inverted Solipsist

"Reverse solipsism is the claim that the reverse solipsist does not exist, but everything else does. The person arguing this position normally claims that whoever is listening doesn't think, so they can't prove that they exist. 'Think back', they say, 'when was the last time you actually thought?' Furthermore, it is claimed, no thinking person would be listening to such a total load of hogwash (this is the normal cue for the listeners to get up and get a beer). Meanwhile, everyone else in the world is getting on with their lives and being productive and thinking, so they do exist."

Another argument is simply to tell everyone that they're just imagining me. That usually works, or gets them to give up on talking to me.

"Something able to simulate the universe must be more complicated than the universe itself, surely?"

No. After all, the universe must contain billions of galaxies I've never seen, surface detail of planets orbiting stars I havent seen, and so on. All that must be very acurate in the modle is things that the solipsist has ersnally experianced. Many things don't need to exist at all in the model, because the Solipsist wouldn't be aware of them. Thus, the model can be much suimpler.

Inverted (or Reversed) Solipsist

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Apollyon - Grammar Fascist

My sister one freaked out a friend of hers by claiming that said friend was the only thing in the universe, and everyone else was just a figment of her imagination. Sis also claimed that friend had made her up to explain this.

By the way, if it makes any difference, I can prove that there really is a spoon after all.

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Inverted (or Reversed) Solipsist

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