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Don't offer to Americans

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If you offer salad cream to an American, you may find he has put it on fruit salad.

Don't offer to Americans

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paulh, not fond of Lord Mudpants

I can't speak for other parts of the U.S.,
but here in Boston it's hard to get salad cream.
They don't have it (at least not under that
name) in the supermarkets I go to.

They also don't have it at any salad bar I've
ever gone to. I like ranch dressing, Caesar salad
dressing, Italian dressing, etc. Should I want
salad cream as an alternative to these when I'm
wondering what to put on salad? Not that it would
ever be available as an option.

Don't offer to Americans

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I don't know about in America, but here in Canada I found Salad Cream in Safeway (Under the label of "Heinz Salad Cream English Dressing"). And incidentally, Crisp and Salad Cream Sandwiches (Potato chip and Salad Cream for you Americans and Canadians out there). It might sound strange, but trust me it's a fantastic mix.

Don't offer to Americans

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I found Salad Cream in Publix Supermarkets in Florida (and in other states in the USA Deep South. They put it in the aisle marked (variously) as Ethnic Foods or International Foods.

I grew up in the U.S. Midwest moving to Florida in my early teens. I didn't see mayonnaise/salad cream offered with any kind of salad until I moved to North Florida. Then, a dollop of it was put on top my serving of a gelatin/Jell-o salad at someone's home. I removed it.

The brand of mayonnaise or whether or not you use Miracle Whip salad dressing is a point of contention in the American South. I once unintentionally started a noisy debate in the break room where I worked by asking what brand of mayonnaise people preferred. There were very definite opinions and people glared at those who didn't choose the "correct" brand.

Don't offer to Americans

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paulh, not fond of Lord Mudpants


When I want to dress salad, I usually use olive oil plus vinegar or lemon juice. I always have both on hand; they keep a long time unrefrigerated, and they are simple and versatile. Any kind of mayonnaise or mayonnaise equivalent is apt to go bad before I have had a chance to use it up.

Don't offer to Americans

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Vinegar, like aspirin, is a useful summertime blood thinner.

I've seen people lick the bowl clean with a lime juice based salad dressing.

Don't offer to Americans

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paulh, not fond of Lord Mudpants

I keep lime juice on hand, too.

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Don't offer to Americans

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