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potato salad cream

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The Almost Thirteen Hitchhiker Freak

According a member of Devout Potato Salad Haters Anonymous (DPSHA), Sylvia Maya, Salad Cream, when liberally applied to potato salad, "livens it up and makes the experience worthwhile". She readily reccommends it to all DPSHA members and even those who do not feel hostile towards potato salad.

Note: DPSHA is a one-member organization, dedicated to the removal of potato salad from all family reunions in the US (and moving towards the UK). To join, initiate yourself.

potato salad cream

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Zantic - Who is this woman??

WE always had salad cream potato salad at home. In fact, i've only just started o enjoy non salad cream potato salad...and only if it has onion or chive in it to liven up the taste!

But! Is it just me or has the taste changed over the last few years?


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potato salad cream

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