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New series 'This Life'

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Just to let everyone know that a new series is being filmed in Sept 06. It will be on the tv 2007.

New series 'This Life'

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C Hawke

gosh. thanks for that news

New series 'This Life'

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C Hawke

other sources say it is one episode for an xmas special - any links to back the full series news up?

New series 'This Life'

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OMG can i contain myself until 2007! A whole series, I had heard that maybe there was gonna be a one off special but a whole new series! I hope we won't have to wait until September 2007 for it to be aired!

Thanks for the brilliant news!

p.s had also heard that there might be a funeral...any ideas?

New series 'This Life'

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Rumour has it, that its Ferdy's Funeral!

New series 'This Life'

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Are they definitely making a whole new series or is it just the one off episode to mark the 10 year annivesary? I can not find anything that says there will be a new series. Would be absolutely amazing if they did make another series. Shame about Ferdy though!

New series 'This Life'

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Researcher 231545


Looks like it is a Christmas one-off.

Still, nice to get a chance to watch it again. smiley - bubbly

New series 'This Life'

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Yeah, I've heard its only a one off too, me and the flatmates have taken great pleasure in re-watching the series!


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This post has been removed.

New series 'This Life'

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This is my request to the script writers for the Christmas special.

Please let Miles be single again so that he and Anna can live happily/ unhappily ever after.
You can do what you like with the others, especially very boring Warren and his boring therapy but Anna has to triumph, Could you make her almost a Q.C. as well please?

What do you think, will it happen?

New series 'This Life'

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The 10th anniversary special will be on BBC2 on 2 January 2007.

New series 'This Life'

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was glued to the repeat of this life, and managed to miss the very last episode, wondering if anyone knows whether its available for download (legal and paid of course)...

New series 'This Life'

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Smij - Formerly Jimster

As the special has already been filmed, I think your request might have come a bit too late smiley - sadface

New series 'This Life'

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smiley - smileysmiley - smileysmiley - smileysmiley - bubbly

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New series 'This Life'

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