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Pity the poor hiker who seeks for information about the SAS under the heading 'Army'. Pity the poor SAS who have always thought they were soldiers. Pity the poor RAF who must be wondering if the BBC know something they don't about MOD plans to change future funding responsibility for the SAS. Apart from which, a very good informative piece about that regiment.


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Researcher 113899

Well I have noticed that it wasnt in the Army section of the guide, but I really dont know how to get it there.

FYI: All SAS Troopers are soldiers. But In the regiments of the British Army, Private soldiers are in general referred to by their trade.

For example, a Private in the Royal Engineers, is known as a Sapper and is refered to as such (i.e. Sapper Smith).

A Private in the Light Infantry is known as a Rifleman (due to the Light Infantry soldiers historically being issued rifles for thier roles as skirmishers as opposed to the Muskets of the line regiments).

And in Armoured Regiments and Cavarly regiments, some infantry regiments and infact the 3 SAS regiments, their private soldiers are refered to as troopers.

I dont understand the following part though. . "Pity the poor RAF who must be wondering if the BBC know something they don't about MOD plans to change future funding responsibility for the SAS".


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Ouch, that'll teach me to be flippant! By soldiers I meant people in the army as distinct from the RAF. By the way, soldiers in Light Infantry regts are privates, not Riflemen. Riflemen are privates in Rifle regts.

The remark about the RAF was intended to conjure up a vision of their surprise if unexpectedly faced with having to bear the costs of the SAS from the Air (as distinct from Army) budget, and receiving the news as a result of a leak from the Treasury to a third party.

Hope that helps, even if it is as long-winded as the explanatory note to a 19th century Punch cartoon. Please read (as it was written) in whimsical mode.


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FYI, the RAF will never provide funding for the SAS. The SAS is a branch of the Army, therefore a completely different branch of the military. The RAF, Navy And Army are all funded separately and have individual budgets granted to them from the government. The RAF do have connections with the SAS but these are classified so I can't say what they are as I'm still under the Official secrets act.


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