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Moon Pie

That's the darndest thing I ever heard! Never heard suck like before! I always thought that the country music / movie connection started with Kenny Rogers, Kris Kristoferson and Willie Nelson. Now I know about the Golden Age of Country Music movies. Isn't this the same era as the Beverly Hillbillies? Do we have a sort of reinterpretation of rural American traditions going on here? Perhaps a search to integrate traditional values with post war cosmopolitanism? Or is it an escape for people who are tired of Cold War threats to security -- for people who long to return to a more rural less complicated isolated America? Hillbilly Hollywood, save my soul!

Why, I never ...

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... seen the ocean, I ain't never been no school. But my sister is my cousin's wife, Ma married grandfer on my Daddy's side and I can play banjo like you ain't never heard. Ain't nothing better than jest sittin and playin, and it don't matter that my feet are webbed and I only got one ear. Ain't no-one gonna find me here .....

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Why, I never ...

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