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The Sixth Sense / American Beauty

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Rebecca H

I suppose I'm breaking the rules a little here naming two films, but they came out at around the same time and they both had the same sort of message for me. I agree with the 'Dead Poets' comments too - the idea of living for yourself, living your life in the moment and enjoying/making the most of it, not always working for someone else or working towards something (although that can be worthwhile for other reasons) or trying to be what others want you to be and not wasting your life worrying about things you can't change. Also they showed me that you need to show the people you love that you appreciate them constantly and not let situations arise where you fall away from people because you forget to remind each other how much you mean to each other and end up with doubt and resentment.*

I think these films made me realise that I was getting old before my time, I'm 27 and was starting to think like a 50 year old! I appreciate things for what they are now - not what they could be. I have changed my life quite a lot - not just because of these films, more the impact they had alongside other changes in my life and I wised up & left my going nowhere for 8 years boyfriend (also see * above), I've taken up things I've wanted to do for a long time and I'm actually enjoying myself now, rather than always worrying about what's going to happen next week, next year, when I retire, will I get married, will I have kids, etc. If whatever's going to happen, it'll just happen and not because I've pushed myself or other people into things.

Ooh, that got a bit heavier than I'd intended!!

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The Sixth Sense / American Beauty

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