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Article about Synaesthesia in the Scotsman 29 October 2002:



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Anthony Lurcher Club 62

Ever since I have been old enough to count, the numbers one to twelve have been firmly linked to walking down the drive of my parents' house - a distance of about sixty yards. Any given number in this range will always trigger the picture of its own spot.

Likewise the months of the year have always been arranged around the large front garden, as seen by someone standing with his back to the front door. Christmas is at the front door and the months January to December are spaced out like the numbers on a clock. Reference to a month of the year will always bring a mental picture of the month's special spot.

I think the only other thing that has a similar effect on me is the Lord's Prayer which follows a familiar road near to my parents home; again each phrase has its own spot.

This is so natural and inevitable with me that I shall have to examine my thoughts to see if any other similar effects have been present and gone unnoticed!

Has anyone got similar experiences?


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Synthetic Jesso (I'm not real)

I remember the months of the year going around a large window. Only 3 sides of the window are used though... January is in the bottom left corner, it goes up and around, and December is in the bottom right corner. The bottom of the window is empty for some reason. But I can't think of a month without thinking of the month's place around the window. August is permanently in the upper right-hand corner of my brain...

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