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Being 2/3rds the way through my first OU year, I thought I'd share a couple of pearls of wisdom. Actually it's my way of justifying the cock up's I've made smiley - biggrin but if it help some other poor unsuspecting soul avoid them, so much the better.

Avoid overload. It's so easy to be cruising contentedly though the foundation course and think you've got time to take on another course. Before you know it, major overload, huge stress and the risk of loosing momentum and dumping both courses.

Avoid pilot presentations, unless you're sure what you're doing! Chances are, they haven't worked the bugs out the course yet.

Short courses may be short, but they're *very* intense.

Any technology based course that uses the Firstclass conferencing network will take up extra time. You just *have* to read all the messages, just to make sure there's nothing important there.

It's addictive! I've already signed up for next year's courses.

I must be mad smiley - silly


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Anyone who takes on an OU course has my admiration, I dod my degree part time whilst working and that was tough enough, you have to be a very disciplined sort to take on such a huge commitment. Hats off to everyone at OU.

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