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Recognition by professional institutions

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Cap'n BK

For engineers certainly, recognition by their institutions (Institute of Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, etc) is important, and the most usual route to gaining Chartered or Incorporated status (CEng, IEng). When starting out on an OU degree, be prepared for the ancients shaking their heads and saying 'Of course, the Institute doesn't recognise OU degrees.' As is common, the ancients are talking cobblers. All engineering institutions issue recognition criteria (I suppose others do too, maybe someone can advise). Basically, they say 'If your OU degree includes the following credits, we will recognise it'. They most certainly do not include any easy options, but do not confine the student to only hard engineering subjects, allowing things such as management, psychology of organisations and so on. Of course, the bulk of the degree (Honours, with a 4th Level credit) must be Engineering, but there is scope for some light(!) relief. It is probably much harder to become a Chartered Engineer this way than by any other, which is why I balked at it, stopping my BSc Hons at 3rd Level (yes, I'm boasting, and why not?). But then the only people who think an OU degree is easy are either brilliant or haven't tried it (usually the latter). Anyone thinking of doing it, my advice is make sure you have the support of family and friends first. The time committment is really heavy (unless you're on a lighthouse, in the Middle East, or in jail, in which case it will help pass the time. And they do deliver to all those places!) Also, a Summer School is the most exhausting week known to man. Most OU students are too old for all that drinking! Oh, one final thing. Find all the post boxes in your area with late night or early morning collections. Absolute necessity for last minute assignments.

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Recognition by professional institutions

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