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cluster of red stars visible in Denmark ???

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I was at home in Denmark and the date would have been either:

6 September - about 2am (after returning home from a party)
30 August - about 1am (after returning home from the T√łnder Festival)

On each occasion - I was boringly sober!

I was standing outside my north facing front door - and looking to the East. This is on the west coast of Jutland - very close to the beach - and about an hour's drive up from the Danish/German border.

So - looking to the East - I saw up in the sky - a glowing and biggish cluster of very reddish looking stars. It was rather as if someone had thrown up into the sky - a tangle of reddish Christmas tree lights - each one twinkling - and flashing on and off at random intervals.

I looked again the following night to see if it was still there - and it was - although visibility was less good - and there was also not the same extensive blanket of stars across the sky I'd seen the night before. (The west coast of Denmark is a truly fantastic place to see the night sky.)

Does anyone have any idea what it was that I saw?

cluster of red stars visible in Denmark ???

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Two possibilities are the Hyades and the Pleiades. The Hyades a loose cluster in Taurus, and Aldeberan, the brighest star in Taurus, is reddish. The Pleiades are a very tight cluster and are not at all red, but maybe conditions made them look that way?

Both would have been in the East on those nights.
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cluster of red stars visible in Denmark ???

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Thank you Zube !

I have just used those references to get visual images.

This one is pretty well what I saw (bottom right corner):

This one is even better(bottom right corner):
Stare very closely at the bottom right corner and you begin to see a dense mass of red stars. Of course - seeing the real thing - the stars seemed to be constantly flickering on and off.
I assume that the small cluster in the top left quadrant is the Pleiades. This is not what I saw.

Once again, very many thanks
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cluster of red stars visible in Denmark ???

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