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Will Taylor

When playing as we run out of cards in the stack about half the time we end up with differing numbers of cards in our hand. I'll have 8 and my opponent will have 7 or 6. This means we cannot play out the last 8 tricks. Any ideas as to what we are doing wrong?


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I've just started trying to learn Bezique, and had the same problem. I did discover recently that at the end, you take up the cards you've used for meld and add these to your hand, so presumably this equalises the number of cards available to each player.


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The only time I've noticed this happen is if someone forgets to take a card from the stock after a declaration. Also, remember that the second trump 7 is never exchanged but shown to the opposition for scoring purposes and then used to play in a trick as usual. Perhaps you inadvertently put it on the discard pile?

Just before the end, both players should have 7 cards in their hand and the trick winner takes the last card and the second player takes the exposed trump card.

I've tried lots of games recently and have so far failed to end up with an uneven number of cards which is frustrating when trying to find a solution to the problem you both mention. smiley - winkeye

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