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The good old Splitty!

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Mo Power (Itching Cucumber, Lord of Nonsense elect)

My uncle used to have one. It was painted all red and heavily customized inside and outside.

Outside, in the front (around the VW-sign) it had a life saving ring (or whatever it is called) marked "TITANIC". The rear door's handle was gone, so it had to be replaced by a 4 sided piece if metal shaped like a doorhandle.
On the inside, it did not only have a small locker for clothing and other stuff, but also a flexible bed-to-dining-table-in-less-than-ten-minutes interior (all self-built), decades ahead of its time.

Unluckily, the car was destroyed in an accident several years ago.

The good old Splitty!

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Lenny (Lynette)

Sorry to hear about the accident. smiley - blue

Ta for the comments...its always good to hear more about them as I've never actually owned a Type II before. One day...one day!

The good old Splitty!

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Uncle Ghengis

You simply *must* get round to owning a bus.
I have a 1970 'bay-window' and it's by far the most fun vehicle I've ever owned. I just wish I'd owned one years before! Now I'm married with a family - it's a truly useful vehicle - the original MPV, but I wish I'd had one when I was single too.

(MPV!??? There's nothing very 'Multi-purpose' about an MPV, I mean, where's the cooker!? Or the beds ?)


Uncle Ghengis

The good old Splitty!

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Mo Power (Itching Cucumber, Lord of Nonsense elect)

My Uncle's Bus had both!

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