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Frogs In the Cellar -HELP!

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I have a mixture of Common Frogs and toads that live in my cellar, I live in a Victorian Terrace and belive that there is a large body of water under my house/hill I live on. I tend to see a lot more frogs in my basement after heavy rain, suggesting that they rise up with the water.
I don't know wether I should move the frogs and relocate them, I have a rather damp wilderness of a garden and have already put a couple of the frogs there.
Can anyone suggest what I should do with my amphibious visitors? should I leave them (There are woodlice and small insects in the cellar that they can feed on).
I also store coal in my basement would that be harmful to the frogs/toads?.

Frogs In the Cellar -HELP!

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Researcher 179012

Perhaps teh frogs and toads make their way into the cellar from the garden when it's hot outside. The basement would appear to offer a cool and safe place with abundant food.
I'm not exactly sure why you need help. Are the amphibians causing you any trouble? If not it's usually best to leave wildlife to get on with it by themselves.
Coal is just pieces of carbon, and does no harm, in fact charcoal is sometimes used as a filtering medium in fish tanks.

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Frogs In the Cellar -HELP!

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