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Hi frog lovers

Tadpoles have been turning into frogs in my garden in the tadpole world since I collected frog spawn in March. I have one tadpole left and he has developed legs and a tail, but it seems a bad idea for him to leave home just as the winter is coming. What can I do with him to make sure that he survives?

Can he stay outdoors? Should I bring him indoors? Help.


Frog Lovers only need read this!

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it seems your lil tadpole has not fully grown yet, as the winters cumin up i myself wud bring it inside. but before u do, look up how 2 home it e.g.
water temp
size tank

if ur parents dont agree dont worry u can keep it outside but rember to keep it well covered, if ur pond gets ice over it get rid coz the tadpole needs 2 cum 2 the top for air.
hope i help !!smiley - biggrin

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Frog Lovers only need read this!

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