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No pot size in WA, its a pint!

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For some unknown reason a lot of sites on the net have "pot" as being a pint sized glass in WA.
This is not true, and as far as I know a pot has never existed in WA. A 570ml glass has always been called a pint.
I've been in WA all my life, and drinking for at least the last 10 years, and I have never heard of a pot here. First I heard of a pot was when I went to Victoria.

I think someone made a mistake on a beer size web site years ago, and the mistake has been copied to every other site since then.
Fortunately wikipedia has the correct sizes:

Though they are also a bit wrong as they currently say "many pubs outside of VIC and WA now have Pints" - as far as I know *all* pubs in WA have pints!
I'll have to edit that. smiley - smiley

No pot size in WA, its a pint!

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Sorry to tell ya mate i have drank in W.A since the early 70's and they used to call a pint a pot ...I remember coming back to W.A from the Army and used to drinking pots in Qld..{10 oz} and getting a 20 oz ,made me splutter..lol..smiley - ale

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No pot size in WA, its a pint!

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