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Hi, I'm looking for any comments which pertain to the obscene publications act 1959 and 1964. Can anyone explain why British Telecom have not been prosecuted under this act, as they are party to monies charged to people who access various pornographic sites, which undoubtedly break the law regarding the obscene publications act, the percentages involved are I believe are 40%to telecom and 60% to the provider of the site not forgetting the premium rate which can be as much as £1.50 per minute. What would be the difference if any if Telecom was party to people who wished to sell herion or crack cocaine, using the facility which British Telecom provides, I look forward to any comments. Bob.

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Blues Shark - For people who like this sort of thing, then this is just the sort of thing they'll like

A little bit of trumpet blowing here, as Mina and I did a piece on the Obscene Publications Act, which you can find here - A679016. smiley - ok

Having said that, we didn't look into Telecoms, though I would guess that BT don't actually allow anything that is illegal to go on . While the stuff you are talking about may be tasteless, and personally offensive to you, I doubt it is Pornographic-what people choose to discuss over a phone is purely their choice. Nobody can say that they are shocked by the type of thing going on if they phone the line, after all-it's pretty obvious what yoiu are going to get.

Of course, 'dirty phone calls', ie non-requested heavy breathers etc, are covered by the Malicious Use of Telecommunications Act.

Selling drugs is expressly illegal, and therefore cannot be protected in any way under British law.

smiley - shark

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I think you might find that 'publications' is the word here. Is a telephone call considered a publication? It's doubtful to be honest...

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