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Or maybe not. I've got just a few arguments to your conversation. First, the media is heavily left-leaning (a.k.a. socialistic), and were definitely much more supportive of Gore than Bush. Also, they did mention the results of the recounts... all of them. Gore lost; and then he lost; and then, believe it or not, he lost again.

And the complaints about the butterfly ballots are basically a bunch of junk. The arrows were clearly pointing from the candidate's name to the hole you punch for them; even a group of kindergardeners (I don't think I've ever had to spell that word before) was able to figure it out.

Actually, I guess that's all the complaints I have. The rest of it is pretty good. One thing I would like to see revised is the way the Electoral College works. I believe that every state should have 1 (one) vote in the electoral college, regardless of population. Looking at a map of the states the different candidates, almost the entire map, with the exceptions of the coasts and a few of the other states, was red: Bush's color. He won many more states than Gore did, including the home states of Gore and Clinton. I, unfortunately, am living in a rather heavily democratic state, Washington. Actually, its mostly just the west side of the mountains that's democratic, and unfortunately, that's where most of the population is. On a little side note, Maria Cantwell was elected to the Senate by winning 2 (maybe 4... I can't remember, but it was either two or four) of the 37 counties in Washington state. Even though there were obviously more people living in those counties, that's just not right. You shouldn't be able to win like that.

I also found your section on the VNS very informative. I really think we should go back to them having a monopoly on the election, or maybe rotate between the major stations. That way, as you mentioned, they'd have more time to look over the results, which would hopefully be more accurate as a result.

And that's all. I'm off to bed. I'll probably totally forget about this for awhile, so if anyone replies to it and is expecting a reply to their reply, you might have to wait. Farewell.

Umm.... sure, if you say so

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Umm.... sure, if you say so

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