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Disenfranchised Voters

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Geoff Taylor - Gullible Chump

The article only skims the point that the voter disenfranchisement in Florida rans to thousands of people, mostly blacks, who overwhelmingly vote Democrat. It also included one Linda Howell, who was actually Madison County's Election supervisor!

The exercise to remove these people has been roundly condemned by the US Commission for Civil Rights as excessive, bordering illegal. The USCCR also condemns a lack of leadership in this exercise. Coincidentally, the leaders involved were Jeb Bush (George's brother) and Katherine Harris, Florida's Secretary of State for Elections and Dubbya Bush's campaign chairperson.

Coincidence? OK, I'll buy that.

A list of felons was provided to Florida by another state. This list was incorrect, and led to 8,000 voters being removed from the electoral register. Which state committed this error? Texas, as governed by George W Bush.

Coincidence? Well, alright then.

Military personnel overseas are allowed to vote, but under Florida Law there are conditions attached, such as posting the vote on or before election day and having the vote witnessed. Katherine Harris unilaterally waived many of these conditions. Almost 900 votes were officially counted that did not meet the conditions of Florida Law. For instance, nearly 200 OVERSEAS ballots were posted from WITHIN the USA. Incidentally folks, military personnel predominantly vote Republican.

Coincidence? Make your own mind up. Officially, G.W. Bush won Florida by a little over 500 votes, and thus the Presidency.

A Solution for Florida

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Maybe after "we" establish a Democracy in Iraq, we can invade Florida and do the same thing.

Disenfranchised Voters

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Just an innocent bystander

I especially liked the phrase:

"The majority of these voters were minorities"

catchy indeed. Nice entry though. I'm not really up to par on all the details so I can't really say whether Dubya rightfully won the election. The one thing I will remember from this is that it was the biggest mockery of a fair election I've seen in my lifetime in the "civilized" west.

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Disenfranchised Voters

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