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new movie about the 2000 election

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This is an excellent movie that has a great deal of facts that I was unable to confirm when I wrote this article. One of the most important aspects of the election that the documentary brings up is the "felon purge list." This list was compiled by Database Technologies at the request of Bush and administered by then-Secretary of State Katherine Harris. It removed from 57,000 to 91,000 voters from rolls (making them unable to vote) without verifying the names. Thus, many non-felons (more than half of them black Democrats) were denied their right to vote. DBT had warned the state that the list could be inaccurate, but a letter from Bush's office responded that that was what they wanted.

This documentary is impeccably researched, and finally does what the media should have done throughout the election/recount process -- asks who really won. With all of the Florida votes tallied, the unequivocal answer is Gore.
-nevermindtheend (formerly badtz_maru007)

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new movie about the 2000 election

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