The Honeypot, Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK

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The Honeypot, which describes itself as a "topless for tips" bar, opened amid controversy from Maidenhead locals in late 2001.

What's going on in there?

As all the windows are blacked-out, this is an often asked question. Basically, it is just like any bar you might venture into, except that you'll find a few scantily-clad ladies who will happily do a topless dance for around £20. This is indeed an excellent way to embarrass sensitive men on their birthdays.

How not to get thrown out

The three basic rules whilst in The Honeypot are:

  • No touching
  • No soliciting
  • No swearing

Also, be careful not to assume that every vaguely female person in the venue is there for your viewing pleasure; plenty of the town's women go in there for nothing more than a drink, or possibly because they lost a bet with their boyfriend and had to go along with his choice in drinking establishment that night.

Isn't this all a little bit sleazy?

Well, yes, perhaps. You wouldn't be the first to suggest this, the local newspaper, The Maidenhead Advertiser has some archived some comments about the bar from the local church and business communities. To some people, this kind of thing is harmless fun, to others, it is and ever shall be depraved, corrupt and vile. Not to mention words like "exploitation", "perverse" or "slimy".

The gory details in full

The Honeypot was previously known as Bar Metro, and The Jack Of Both Sides before that. It's situated at the corner of Queen Street and York Road. Entrance will cost you £5, and if you really want to see a topless lady, you'll have to ask her nicely what she's charging. Drinks cost no more than they do in any pub in the "mass-affluent" south of England, and you'll generally find the place isn't too crowded1 at the week-ends. Aside from the obvious attraction, the bar is open until 1am, making it a quieter alternative to Maidenhead's other two often over-crowded late night watering holes.

1The Honeypot can accomodate 120 people, but rarely gets anywhere close to this.

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