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Captain Who?

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Simon the Silly Sausage (Gone AWOL from h2g2)

Not sure if the documentation/storyline was changed from the original version. But in the Amiga version I spent my youth playing, you were a Captain Jammeson, who had inherited a ship and 100 credits from your grandfather.
Does anyone remember any more of the story?

Elite was the first ever computer game I played with a girlfriend, and she was as addicted as me within minutes. She used to handle all the trading and flying routes, while I looked after battles and landings.
Happy to say that she is now my wife and the mother of our two kids! smiley - smiley
And we still occasionally play 'puter games together lol.

Captain Who?

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Yeah, it was always Captain Jameson, in a Cobra Mk III, with 100 inherited credits. But - at least on the BBC - when you saved the game, you got to enter your own filename, which became your new name. Captain Peregrin ruled the stars smiley - biggrin

Captain Who?

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Mark Moxon

As, of course, did Commander Mark.

(I thought it was Commander Jameson, not Captain, but my memory's pretty lame... smiley - erm)

Captain Who?

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C Hawke

Mark's right they were all Commanders

Commander Hawke - now you all know what the C stands for!

Captain Who?

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Mark Moxon

Aha! Really? I wondered what the C stood for... smiley - smiley

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Captain Who?

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