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Nostalgia rules! I'd forgotten about Elite until today when talking to my kids about the war.....computer games aren't like they used to be etc. I used an Amstrad for my Elite gaming, and after becoming Deadly, I got stuck at the Thargoids taking over the space station mission. After trying for weeks on and off I gave up and moved on to less frustrating games, but I've always wondered, how did anyone get past the onslaught of a dozen or so Thargoid ships blasting you all at once, when despite all my defences, my shields were shot through in seconds! Put my ego to rest and tell me no one else could either....or tell me how the hell you managed it!!!


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I only played this mission once, and not on the Amstrad, but as far as I recall you can destroy that particular space station by shooting into the entranceway a few times, or perhaps using a missile. Any Thargoids that get out in the meantime I'm afraid you just have to fight smiley - smiley

Now you're going to have to get hold of a copy of the game and become Elite!

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Done that! Now competent and been given my first mission! 36 going on 16!! Wife would prefer me to be wrapping presents......

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