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Order of cards in Klabiash

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I think that the order of the cards is
(Trump) J 9 A 10 K Q J 8 7
(Other suits) A 10 K Q J 9 8 7
which is what my late father taught me!

Also, it makes more sense in terms of the scoring, since A=11, 10 = 10 K=3 Q=2 J=1 (except in trump)

Order of cards in Klabiash

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Garry in sunny Bushey Heath

This posting of June 17 2006 is correct except that we play that the non-trump Jack, all Queens and Kings are worth 2, 3, and 4 points respectively (not 1,2, and 3 points).
I am currently looking up to see what happens when one goes "half-bait", i.e. when the person that took on (chose the trump suit) gets exactly the same number of points as his opponent: does he either - (1) simply not get any points at all for that particular hand, or, (2)the points in the tricks he won get held in abeyance and awarded to the winner of the next hand. The latter option which is one I've only just heard of is rather complicated as the matter might escalate if the next and subsequent rounds also have someone "going half-bait". It seems better to simply have the "taker on" not receive any points for that hand if his score exactly matches that of his opponent. Phew!

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Order of cards in Klabiash

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