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Sounds interesting

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Ya'know- that one guy!

That sounds like an interesting series of books (even though I don't necessarily agree with the social agenda they are said to portray.) I am now ordering the first one from my local library... There it's ordered. I'll begin reading it when it comes. I don't have time for much fiction, but now and then, one needs a break. smiley - winkeye

Sounds interesting

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Greta_9, Keeper of the 4/4 Beat and Deep Sexy Basslines, in a strange condition

You'll love them, if anything because they're hysterically funny. Personally, I don't belong to that culture (being Italian and not British, as it is), but the first two instalments of the saga are marvellous, not one detail wasted, perfectly written and built from start to finish. The next-to-last book was also quite good, I thought (The Wilderness Years), but I have to admit that the reason why I read the whole saga was that I'd become so attached to the characters that I really wanted to find out what had happened to them, and how.

Hope you'll enjoy them smiley - smiley

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Sounds interesting

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