A Conversation for Ivor Cutler - Writer and Humourist

Ah! Dear Ivor.

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Uncle Ghengis

What an amazing poet he is. It's good to see him recognised here on H2G2. I have a copy of "Dandruff" myself, and the Scotch Sittingroom prose is nothing short of brilliant.

(Surreal and quirky, but nonetheless brilliant.)

Ah! Dear Ivor.

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Is that your flap, Jack? and Wet handle are two wee books of wonder. Great to just flip through and read bits out at random.
I saw him live in '98 or '99 and he was magic. He sounded very creaky, his harmonium had a duff key which kept creeping in and he really disliked any noise from the audience (he nearly had a baby ejected) but he was hilarious.
I remember being well surprised when watching a programme about John Peel once and realising that the song playing over the top of one section was an Ivor Cutler one. Turns out he has written a song about John Peel to thank him for being on his show so often.

Ah! Dear Ivor.

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Frankie Roberto

I've met Ivor Cutler a few times - he comes into my bookshop fairly frequently to sign copies of his books (though he's getting a bit senile in his old age, poor soul, he checks inside all his books to see if they're already signed, even if they've got a 'signed by author' sticker on front).

Last time I met him we chatted for about half an hour (mostly him imparting his unconventional wisdom to young me - though he did ask some questions). He's got a lot of 'pocket-sized' books because he says he likes the fact that "people can carry them around in their handbags" (so that's what they do with them!).

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Ah! Dear Ivor.

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