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Towel Day 25th May 2012

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A photo of a beach towel on a sandy beach with blue sea in the background

Towel Day has now arrived, so get your towels prepared for their grand day out.

h2g2 is proud to be part of the fun that exists all around the world, in recognition of the life of Douglas Adams. We hope you all know where your towel is and are ready to take part in this international celebration.

You may like to visit the Towel Day website to see what activities are planned across the globe. We would especially like to hear the gossip about your own exploits, do tell us all about it at the bottom of this page, post it to our Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Earth Edition page, or tweet about it on Twitter with the hashtag #towelday.

We'd love to see your photographs too, and will have a gallery available - so get clicking with your camera phones! Submit photos of you and your towel to [email protected]

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