A Conversation for The Wit and Wisdom of Ralph Wiggum

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Gollum the House Elf

Ralph's inciteful comment on the duality of being revels in the idea that a person can, at the exact same time, embody two completely concepts.

Truly Socrates himslef could not have said it better.

I'm happy and angry!

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The Bad Kind of Puppy

A startlingly insightful examination of a phrase uttered by perhaps the greatest mind of all.

I would speculate that, just perhaps, 'I bent my Wookie' - another comment employed by Ralph Wiggum - is his attempt to come to terms, not just with the materialistic quality of the world in which we live, but also the fundamental laws of nature. Ralph has, here, discovered Newton's Third Law of Motion, in a form - every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Should the action by applying force to an object (ie: the Wookie), then its result will be a deformation of the original shape of the object. Wiggum is truly a future genius.


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I'm happy and angry!

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