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Quite a few years ago, I was camping for some reason. A friend of mine told another person in our party (This event resuled in the immediate disqualification of him as a friend) the plot of the Blair Witch Project. He stayed up all night, with the lantern flashlight on, and it was easily the worst night of sleep I ever got.

When we woke up, yet another person, camping near us went walking along. This particular person was batting insane. For some reason, when he went careening along, he growled a mighty growl and the person in our party did everything short of wet his pants.

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I've got a similar one. I went camping in Peru one time, there were five of us in three tents - two guys on one side, two girls on the other, and me all alone in the middle. We had been talking about Blair Witch, and I had jokingly said I was going to get up in the night and put piles of rocks outside the girls' tent.
Just as I was dropping off to sleep, a scream cut through the dark, and I sat bolt upright in my sleeping bag. One of the girls was taking malaria tablets, which can cause strange dreams, and she had had a nightmare.
Once she quietened down again, I lay down and waited for sleep, while my most basic fears flooded my brain. There were monsters in the dark, waiting for me to set foot outside my tent. I really had to pee.
It turned out, next morning, that the two girls lay awake all night, too frightened to sleep. The two guys never even heard the scream...

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An anecdote...

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