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I've always found it really odd how the brain makes so many mistakes in certain situations. I like to think that I can master something and then just sit back and apply my mind with ease, but it never works like that with tetris, i lose it as the speed increases. Which worries me, I'm really slow at exams too, despite actually being good at them. How do you speed your mind up? Do exercises work, hmm, like tetris, that would be a good excuse smiley - winkeye And I'm always shocked at how stupid I am when I'm exercising or really tired, how organic the brain is, you just forget in this modern age. And how much little changes in emotion can change how you think too, that's weird.

the brain

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re: how to speed your brain up - take chainsaw, open brain, scoop brain up, replace with cray computer. lol. i'm kidding. i don't know. it *does* help to play mentally engaging games (well, at least it works for me. i shall have to take a poll)... not duke nukem, i suppose, but i think that puzzle games do actually help gear your brain up a bit. in fact, there were times when i gave up attempts at my math homework in dismay, went to the computer and played games... and then at night dream of the solution. (just did the other night. i was playing i don't know how many rounds of free cell)

the thing i find rather interesting (you can try it and tell me if it works for you) is that when i actually concentrate on the game, most of the time i'll lose embarrassingly... but if i were to disconnect myself and sort of just stay unfocused, i tend to do quite well... i think that in the case of tetris, too much attention to the game pumps you full of adrenaline - which, although absolutely useful should you be chased by a tiger - doesn't quite do anything to help you win.

the brain

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hmm, yeah, the entry mentioned that the brain is most efficient with low energy levels.

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