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Homer's use of formulae

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ismarah - fuelled by M&Ms

Unless researchers are referred to as Researchers...

Although after I´d emailed Anna about this, and she told me it had been updated, it still looked the same to me smiley - huh

I´ll check again, using my trusty F5 button...

cheerssmiley - disco ismarah

Homer's use of formulae

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There's also the question of the "you"s. Second person seems not quite right.

Homer's use of formulae

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Do you not think 'you' (second person) is more personal? More interesting? Non-lectureing but helpful?

Tom thinks so. smiley - winkeye

Homer's use of formulae

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It is certainly more personal, perhaps more interesting, and non-lecturing and maybe even helpful. I'm just not sure what the Guidelines think of "you". Not you personally; the second person pronoun "you". smiley - biggrin

Homer's use of formulae

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Anhaga palsalge:
"I think the unusual spelling of names is just a case of typos. There are variations in transcription of the Greek but the examples you give don't look like any of the variations I've seen."

There's a standard transcription for Greek, but nobody uses it these days. (Not since the Romans....) Whenever we write |c| or |i|, it should be |k| and |y| respectively. Other than that, most schemes agree on which is which.

I suppose that the standard scheme isn't used because it makes Greek look more primitive. |c| is a more civilized letter in most peoples' minds, though I've no idea why. I prefer |k| to remove ambiguity.


Homer's use of formulae

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Oh, and the singular of 'formulae' is 'formula'. I noticed use of 'A formulae' in the guide entry.

Forgive my pedanticism.

Homer's use of formulae

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Pendanticism is always welcomed by me.smiley - biggrin Your typo correction should be posted here A388334 and it will be taken care of promptly. I agree with your feelings about the transcription of Greek. My post that you were commenting on was in reference to a number of highly irregular spellings of Greek names which appeared in an earlier version of the entry.

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