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A Case of Reverse Piracy?

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pailaway - (an utterly gratuitous link in the evolutionary chain)

Excellent entry smiley - biggrin A question came to mind after reading: 'Piracy increased until a commander named Pompey was ordered to put a stop to it. He raised an army and within three months had eliminated the pirate threat.' The span of three months indicates just murderous diligence. I understand that Roman commanders got to keep all the spoils of their campaigns, so I would have to guess that this one must have been a real plum. smiley - cheers

Btw - here is a note to the editors - I think that the golden age of piracy must have been from the 15th to the 18th Century AD, and not BC.

A Case of Reverse Piracy?

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Yipes, how did that get past me?

*off to post a message to Editorial Feedback*

A Case of Reverse Piracy?

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The gaffe with the date is fixed.

Yes, being a pirate hunter was definitely the way to go: all the spoils with a lot fewer toils, and no hangman's noose awaiting you (unless you were William Kidd and had become a potential embarrassment to the powers that be).

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A Case of Reverse Piracy?

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