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Elimbah Village, Queensland, Australia

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Elimbah village is situated on the Beerburrum Road approximately 8km north of the town of Caboolture in south-east Queensland, Australia, at the point where the road crosses Six Mile Creek. It's the local heart of a rural community (the locality of Elimbah, part of Caboolture Shire) that is rapidly subdividing itself into a rural-residential suburb of Caboolture/Brisbane, primarily on account of its excellent transport links to both Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Brisbane is an hour by train or 45 minutes on a good run down the Bruce Highway.

Elimbah was officially named on 20 September, 1902. The name means 'the place of the grey water snake' in the language of the Kabi people, the original inhabitants before European settlement. There was an intermediate period during early settlement when it was called 'The Six Mile' and thereafter was known as '36 Miles 68 Chains', apparently because that's the length of railway when measured from Brisbane. Otherwise, it always was and still is Elimbah.

Elimbah still has its railway station, on account on its situation on the railway line running northwards out of Brisbane. Some of the trains stop at Elimbah and, as a result, being on the train is one of the most common reasons for stopping in Elimbah.

Otherwise, there's a servo (petrol station), and some local shops (newsagents, hairdressing salon, bakery, builder's outlet and a new age holistic shop). Elimbah also has a school, a Uniting Church1 and a Community Hall. And a vendor of agricultural supplies. And a public convenience. All this infrastructure is situated on the west side of the railway line, along Beerburrum Road. Elimbah Sports and Recreation Ground is on the east side of the railway line.

Things to do from Elimbah

Unless you're planning to avail yourself of the facilities described above, things to do in Elimbah typically involve leaving.

  • Go north up Beerburrum Road to take the Glasshouse Mountains tourist drive and perhaps visit Australia Zoo en route to Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

  • Take the opportunity first however to climb the southernmost and probably most junior and least spectacular of the Glasshouse Mountain volcanic plugs, Round Mountain - it's situated on Timbergrove Road off Old Gympie RoadTravel south from Elimbah village and across the bridge over Six Mile Creek, take the first right onto Smiths Road and keep going until shortly after the road sweeps around left into Old Gympie Road..

  • Go south six kilometres almost into Caboolture to visit The Historical Village2.

  • Elimbah is a handy staging-post from which to visit the Woodford Folk Festival, The Dreaming Festival and the Urban Country Music Festival, all of which occur annually.

1A place of Christian worship. The Uniting Church in Australia was formed on 22 June, 1977, as a union of three churches: the Congregational Union of Australia, the Methodist Church of Australasia and the Presbyterian Church of Australia.2A museum of local history.

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