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Oral Fixation

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Oral fixation is a condition which causes certain people to always require stimulation of the mouth. The concept was coined by Sigmund Freud, probably during one of his cocaine highs. He thought that young infants get some sort of 'orgasmic' pleasure from sucking, chewing, biting, etc, because that is what is most important in their lives at that point: nourishment through the mouth. Children who did not get enough stimulation were believed to later on develop oral fixation.

People with oral fixation can be identified because they are always eating, biting their nails, licking their lips, drinking, chewing the tips of their pencils, or making out. There are other "fixations", such as nasal fixations, which requires constant stimulation of the nasal area, usually by sticking coins up there, or drinking milk or rum through the nasal cavities. It is quite entertaining to be around a drunk person with a nasal fixation.

Question: What if I think I have an oral fixation?

Answer: If you believe you have an oral fixation, don't panic! Many people lead productive and fulfilling lives despite their oral plight. In fact, many people believe Freud himself had both an oral and nasal fixation, which explains the constant cigar in his mouth and cocaine up his nose.

Question: Can I correct an oral fixation?

Answer: More than likely, no. Some people may grow out of it, such as six year olds who still suck their thumbs. However, there is no way to actively reduce oral fixated activity, especially when you are somewhat older than that. For example, if you are 50 and still suck your thumb, just give in and enjoy it.

Question: Can I use an oral fixation to my advantage?

Answer: Yes. 'Can I have a lollipop? It's to satisfy my oral fixation.' 'I'm sorry, it's just that ... I have ... (tears) an oral fixation ... I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner ... ' and so on.

So, remember, living with an oral fixation is okay. Just thank Freud for giving it an important medical name which you can use to your advantage.

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