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A foot tilting a skateboard.

A skateboard is a wondrous thing...

Not only is it a clean, green form of transport, but it will keep you in shape, provide you with hours of fun and also doubles up as a trolley when you have to move stuff about.

An actual skateboard consists of:

  • The deck, usually made of maple wood.
  • The trucks, aka the axles or the bits that connect the wheels to the deck.
  • Four wheels, each with two sets of bearings securely fastened to the trucks.

...and that's about it. Well there are a few other bits and bobs (kingpins, rubbers, etc.) but who's counting...

It would seem that some folks think that anyone who rides a skateboard is either:

  1. Mentally challenged in some way
  2. A thug
  3. A vandal
  4. A bum
  5. All of the above

Why this should be the case, is unknown. Skateboarding should not be viewed as a crime. In fact it could be seen as a sort of fountain of youth. It keeps one young, active and energized. There is always a fair old chance that it could put one in hospital too. Skateboarding has a history of some very nasty slams, but that's part of the fun.

Nothing compares with the feeling from riding a stick. Everyone should try it, but remember the main point of sk8in is to have fun! At the end of the day that's all that counts. Don't feel bad if, when you get to your local skate spot, there are guys there rippin' it up and you can only just stand up on your stick. Everyone from Tony Hawk to the kid down the road had to learn how to ride their stick and probably ate a good deal of cement in the process. They won't tease and laugh at you. They are more likely to offer you advice. So get a stick and go have fun you won't regret it.

Have fun!

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