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Getting Around Oxford

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As any sentient being who has been anywhere near Oxford in the last six months will know, there are a few new traffic measures that have been put into practice, and they are a complete nuisance. Therefore, if you are in the immediate vicinity of Oxford, it is strongly advisable to stay away from it if you are in a car. However, there are other methods of travel, which include:

  • Walking. And then you can take in the magnificance of the city.

  • Park and ride. This is a system whereby you leave your car in a car park, and take a nice, new, 'T' registration bus into the centre of Oxford. 'Park and ride' has a very good bus network that will take you throughout the city.

  • Cycling. Another part of the traffic plan has been to introduce extensive cycle tracks, and if you have a bike, use it! The cycle system in Oxford is excellent.

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