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Stream of Conciousness Sevens

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Stream of Consciousness Sevens is a card game which is a variation of the traditional card game Sevens.

Conventional Sevens

Sevens is an easy card game for more than three players. The dealer shares out all the cards1 and the player who has the seven of diamonds goes first, laying this card in the centre of the table. The next player - to the left - must lay a card down if they can. They need either the six or the eight of diamonds, or another seven, to go. Play continues in this fashion with each player laying a card either directly above or below any of those on the table in the same suit. If a player cannot go, they forfeit their turn.

The winner is the player who runs out of cards first.

Sevens Strategies

Obviously, various strategies are employed. For example, if a player has a seven in their hand, but also has the nine, ten, Jack, and Queen of clubs and the eight of clubs is already on the table, if they start laying down these clubs, they can have plenty of goes while holding on to the seven, thus holding up all those who are waiting for it.

Stream of Consciousness Sevens

Stream of Consciousness Sevens is identical to this except in one important respect - designed primarily as a way to calm down after a game of Surreality Rules BlackJack, it is non-competitive.

Instead of taking it in turns in a rigid, regimented rule-following fashion, each player reaches down into their inner selves and feels the ebb and flow of the Universe. Then players lay down their cards - obeying the rules of the game still, of course - when they feel that the moment is right. The players all feel the warm satisfaction of seeing this pattern emerge on the table, guided by their own inner senses. It also gets the cards sorted into numerical order as well.

1Jokers must be discarded, naturally.

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