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Bexhill-On-Sea, East Sussex, England

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It's impossible to measure the population of Bexhill-On-Sea because it is changing far too rapidly for anyone to count it. The following defines it quite well: Eastbourne is where elderly couples live to be near their parents in Bexhill-On-Sea.

Despite being the wrinkly capital of the south east of England, Bexhill is actually quite interesting. Eddie Izzard, the cross-dressing comedian, grew up there1.

There is a theatre on the seafront called the De La Warr Pavilion, which is a listed building owing to the fact that it is a fine example of 1920s/30s architecture. Eddie Izzard began his 'World Tour' there in October 1998 and started his 1999 UK tour there also.

Spike Milligan, another famous comedian and a former member of the The Goons, was stationed in Bexhill during the war. Warmington-On-Sea, the fictitious village in the situation comedy Dad's Army was supposedly just down the coast from Bexhill, and there are numerous mentions of Bexhill in the show.

Bexhill is situated just a mile away from William The Conqueror's landing site. He invaded England in 1066 and Bexhill is just ten miles from the site of the first Norman Abbey. This was built by the victorious William after the battle of Hastings2. It was at the bottom of the famous hill at 'Battle' that William pretended to be dead and feigned a retreat that brought Harold's army down the hill to certain death.

So in summary, Bexhill is full of old people and is just a few miles away from some slightly interesting historical sites.

1The Boots the Chemist in Sackville Road was the scene of Eddie's famous shoplifting incident.2Which was actually fought 15 miles inland from Hastings at Battle. Battle, of course, was only called 'Battle' after the battle was fought and was a nameless place before.

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