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Parties and the Generation Gap

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This is a strange phenomenon that occurs when a group of people who were once teenagers, party in the same room as another group who still are. The results are often catastrophic, resulting in boredom for the teens and multiple fractures for the older generation.

The Warning Signs

At a fairly early juncture, the older group will always move in on the hi-fi and make it their own. From somewhere they'll produce a selection of classics from their own era and begin to play them. This can be punk, rock 'n' roll or if you're really unlucky a polka with a funky up-beat. At a normal party, such behaviour would go unnoticed, but it's at this point that you are in danger of crossing over into a Generation Gap Party.

The first warning sign is one of the older group approaching one of the youngsters and proclaiming, 'Now this is real music!'

This is the pivotal point, do or die, sink or swim time. If the bait is taken, then a battle of musical styles begins. The party will oscillate between 'now' music and 'then' music, in an attempt to prove that one decade is superior to another - this is known as 'ear clawing'. Little arguments will spring up to embrace not only music, but also cultural differences in the arenas of film, television and fashion.

If you are lucky, these arguments will act as a social lubricant and as a result, everybody will have a great time and get to know one another a little better. If you are unlucky, then the only respite from intense boredom is to get very, very drunk. And let's face it, that's why you all came to the party anyway.

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