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An unusual drink commonly served by British coffee machines, it's a mixture of Espresso coffee and chocolate.

Espressochoc, sometimes known as moccachino, is usually served in a small plastic or polystyrene cup and is dark brown, with a thick head of pale brown froth. It's consumed because it's the least noxious thing in the machine and some people need caffeine in order to survive the day but are too afraid of the pure Espresso on offer.

So How do you Drink it?

  1. Remove the froth with one great slurp.

  2. Wait a few minutes for the rest of the drink to cool, or risk irritating burns to the tongue.

  3. Try and enjoy. But beware, the further down the cup you get, the more powdery the drink becomes, until at the bottom of the cup you'll find a revolting mixture of powder, granules and thick brown liquid.

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