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Exam Revision without Crenellating Brain Cells

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Every year there comes a point when you have to knuckle down, put everything else aside and start revising for exams. It's tough, but here are some hints on revision:

  • Start revising at least two weeks in advance. Trying not to do this out of principle because your teacher has told you to do this, sounds like the thing to do, but it is best to start early.

  • Buy some paper. You'll need this because the best way to revise is to read through your text books and write down all the relevant parts in note or diagram form.

  • One of the most annoying things when you finally have started revising is to have people telling you that you should be revising. Therefore, shout very loudly at anybody who tries to disturb you. This doesn't directly help revision, but it makes you look purposeful, which stops everyone else telling you that you should take your work more seriously.

  • Accept any offers of free revision material almost before they are proposed. A variety of work is important as it stops you finally grinding yourself into a jellified heap.

  • Don't spend more than 50 minutes on any one subject in a block. After each 50 minute block, allow yourself a break of 10 - 20 minutes. This gives you a wonderful sense of achievement and reward. The brain really cannot cope with longer periods of unbroken cramming.

  • Drink a lot. It's easy to run out of liquid when you're revising, because you're sitting there, not moving, for hours, and you may not notice that you're getting thirsty.

  • Jeer at your friends who haven't revised yet. This makes you feel good and spurs you on to further efforts. This may sound foolish but it really does work.

  • Check out the Web for help; for instance, if you are doing UK GCSEs, use the BBC revision website.

  • Buy a past paper book and work through it religiously. Then go away and revise everything you fouled up on. Keep doing this until the exam date, even if you think you've got everything perfect.

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Good Luck!

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