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Cuban Food

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Cuban food is influenced by Spanish cooking styles, with a few Caribbean influences and ingredients thrown in for flavour. In general, the ingredients in Cuban cooking are not too difficult to find. Some speciality items, like yuca1, may have to be sought out in ethnic markets.

Because Cuba is an arid place the Cuban diet is based on a lot of meat produce, pork, chicken, beef, goat and chicken. The meat dish is usually accompanied by white or yellow rice and black beans. Traditional vegetables include yuca and plantain.

If you want to get a taste of Cuban food, without actually visiting Cuba itself, you can either; go to Little Havana in southern Miami and visit the Versailles Bakery and Restaurant, Miami, Florida, USA; or learn to cook Cuban food yourself. Try out some of the recipes below. Pick a few dishes, and finish your meal with a wonderful, strong sweet Cuban coffee. And perhaps a cigar...

1Otherwise known as cassava.

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