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XXXX1 is a brand of that most beneficial beverage - beer - produced by the XXXX brewery in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Defended to the point of violence by Queenslanders, XXXX comes in bright yellow cans. Yellow, of course, is a common warning colour in nature, and it is a wise drinker who heeds such signals.

XXXX comes in several varieties, including stout, bitter ale and draught. The draught beer has a label that has a more obvious warning - it is sulphur yellow and blood red, so disturbing is the effect of even a small glass.

In Queensland, the main competitor of XXXX is VB - a Victorian2 bitter that is defended just as bitterly by the Victorians. VB marketing analysts have apparently decided to trick people into drinking the Vicious Brew (as it is sometimes known) by colouring cans dark green, a dastardly ploy that has succeeded to a large extent, judging by the number of pubs that serve the stuff.

Foster's, the more internationally recognised beverage, is so dangerous it is rarely drunk in Australia. The export of Foster's on a massive scale is considered a sensible move by most Australians.

1Pronounced 'four-ex'.2That's the state of Victoria, not the people who lived during the reign of Queen Victoria.

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