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The Embolism

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The Embolism is a drink like no other; it sorts the men from the boys and is guaranteed to make your toes curl and you're stomach churn. Not for the weak...


In a pint tankard put:

  • A double measure of Goldschlager Premium Vodka (Absolut or Smirnoff Black Label)
  • 1 can of Red Bull or similar 'energy drink'
  • Fresh, carbonated fruit juice - Pineapple or Strawberry work best
  • Dedication


  1. Add each ingredient to a chilled pint container.

  2. Down the whole thing in one swift motion.

  3. Look around the faces of your incredulous companions in a 'that wasn't so bad' kind of way.

  4. Repeat all of the above. Carefully.

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