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Having a Shandy Beer on the Maldives, South Asia

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One of the most refreshing drinks you may wish to have on the Maldives is a shandy beer, especially when you return from Scuba diving. One considerable impediment to the enjoyment of your shandy beer is the cost. Most islands will charge you for a whole beer at $31, and a whole can of lemonade (which you mix with the beer to make a shandy) at $2.50. They do this even though they only use half of each to make one shandy beer.

So, to save some money, perform one of the following alternatives:

  • Drink a plain beer without lemonade.

  • Ask a person of your choice to have a shandy beer with you. Order a beer, a lemonade and an extra beer glass and blend the shandies yourself, making the overall cost $2.75, instead of $5.50.

1Prices in US$ and correct at time of writing.

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