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Early American Farm Implements Museum, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, USA

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Located along Route 40 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, near the crossroads village of Chalk Hill, is a small motel with a rather bizarre front court.

The motel owners, Jim and Jeannette Silbaugh, have assembled a rather astonishing collection of antique farm machinery. The Early American Farm Implements Museum, as it is called, is really just a bunch of old, rusty stuff parked in the grass in the front of the motel. There are more than 1000 items including a 12-ton steam engine tractor.

Many of the items show signs of wear from sitting out in the elements, but if you want to get an up-close glimpse of a coal mine car or blacksmith tools or horse-drawn buggies, it's worth a stop.

The entire collection is on display for free, though there is a box located on the property for donations.

Oddly, several dozen domesticated rabbits hop among the relics which can easily amuse small children for as much time as an interested grown-up needs to look at the collection. The bunnies aren't tame and will hop away from over-inquisitive children, but it makes for an interesting game for a youngster.

The museum is located eight miles east of Uniontown on Route 40. It is open in any weather during the daylight hours.

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