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A European City with a population of 654,542. Pride of Scotland and the buckle in the centre of the Clydeside Industrial Belt, which supports the Clydeside Industrial Trousers. Economically depressed in the early 1980s, by the late 1980s it had become a lively cultural centre, though still depressed in many other ways. Especially Jim. He probably won't ever get over the 21st Birthday incident in the Green Man's Wharf Pub.

Don't be fooled by their lilting, singalong voices, the people in Glasgow, known as Glaswegians, have a reputation for aggression and infighting. In fact, they're so aggressive that even their most affectionate gesture, "The Glasgow Kiss", is a short, sharp, and extremely powerful headbutt to the bridge of the nose, which will leave you reeling in the car park of whichever pub you happen to stumble out of.

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