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Revolver - the Drinking Game

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Revolver is a drinking game best played with about six people. Its aim, as with any other, is to alleviate boredom in the pub while ensuring that the less-skilled members of your group become intoxicated at the expense and enjoyment of the more-skilled. ('Skilled' is a highly subjective term in this game, although players have been known to practice.)

A spirit or shot is bought for each person1 playing and the drinks are then placed on the table. They are arranged to create a circle with a gap left in the middle. Players then identify the glass nearest to them and the game begins.

Each player takes their turn in trying to bounce a small coin against the surface of the table and into one of the glasses (a low denomination coin is best as the coin may get lost, and as it's small, it won't break the glasses. Smaller coins are usually lighter and therefore bounce better, too). If this is achieved the player who 'owns' the glass has to down it in one drink, assuming there is still drink in it. The glasses are then revolved clockwise by one so that the drinker now has a new glass in front of them (it may or may not contain drink depending on how far into the game they are). The successful coin thrower gets to have another go.

  • If the coin only lands on the table, there is no forfeit and the player to the left becomes the new tosser (so to speak).

  • If the coin lands in the hole in the middle of the glasses, all players must immediately slap their own forehead. The last person to slap their forehead finishes their drink off.

  • If the coin goes off the table the thrower finishes their drink off.

Anytime anyone finishes off, the glasses are revolved by one and the thrower has another go.

As the game progresses, fewer and fewer glasses contain drink and therefore the skill becomes in targeting the glasses that are left. Skilled players learn to target particular glasses, and their owners, which can result in that person drinking almost all the drinks. Becoming skilled is really a matter of practice and as yet there are no coaching tips or advanced master classes to be taken.

The game eventually ends when all drinks have been finished and a new round needs to be bought.

1It's probably best to have a group kitty as people are not necessarily going to drink a particular drink. Different flavours can add interest (and the possibility of being sick). Playing with pints is for the 'real men'.

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