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All Fives - The Card Game

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All Fives is a card game for between two and three players, using a standard deck of cards. Aces are High.


Players cut the cards to decide who is the dealer, highest cut wins.

The Hand Dealt to Each Player

Each player is dealt six face down cards in packets of three.


Trumps are defined by the following procedure:

  • Turn over the top card on the remaining deck, the card defines the potential Trump suit.

  • If the person left of the dealer likes the potential Trump they say 'stand' and play starts.

  • If the person left of the dealer hates the potential Trump they say 'I beg', and the dealer decides whether or not to change Trumps.

  • If the dealer is happy with the potential Trump he says 'Take one' and the player to the dealers left gets one point.

  • If the dealer decides to change Trumps, he takes away the top card and puts it to one side. Each player is dealt another three cards, the top card of the deck is turned over and if it is a different suit, play begins with it as Trumps.

  • If the card is the same suit as the last one, each player gets another three cards and the top card gets turned over; this is repeated until a new value for Trumps is determined.

  • If the whole deck is dealt before a new value for Trumps is found, collect all the cards together, shuffle them and start again.


  • The first player plays a card.

  • The second player then has to try and place a card that will follow suit, or place a winning value Trump card (the highest value Trump in the trick at the end wins).

  • Play continues round with each player attempting to put a higher card down.

  • Whoever has placed the highest value card of the starting suit, or has placed the highest value Trump wins the Trick.

  • The Trick is then scored, the points given to the winner.

  • You keep playing Tricks until a person gets a winning number of points.


The winning number of points for a game is 61, and the cards points value breaks down like this:

  • Ace of Trumps - four points
  • King of Trumps - two points
  • Queen of Trumps - two points
  • Jack of Trumps - one point
  • Ten of Trumps - ten points
  • Five of Trumps - five points

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